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Firm Services

Helping you build a better, more successful practice 

We know how law firms work, and we know how lawyers work inside of them. And we know what both firms and their lawyers need to know, be and do in order to work better, smarter, more successfully.

Find out how we can help you - and your lawyers - get the skills you need to build the practice you want. 


Our Programs :: For Your Lawyers

Do your lawyers have the skills they need to build better, stronger businesses, careers and lives? We can help you make sure they do.


Wherever your lawyers are, and wherever you want them to be, we look
forward to working with you to get them there.

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One-on-One Coaching

Our One-on-One Coaching Programs provide your lawyers with the insights, strategies,
support and discipline they need to get to the next level - no matter where they’re starting -
with someone by their side, guiding them along the way toward their goals.


Business Development challenges?
Our specialized Business Development Program will help your lawyers hone their BD
competence and confidence, and deploy them successfully to build a business that is both successful and sustainable.


Career Transition?
If there's a shift happening within your firm or your lawyers need support around making a move either inside or outside of it, our Transitions Program will help them
zero in on their next role, one that maximizes their unique skills, interests and values.

Stuck on the path to Results?
In our Results Program we take participants through the process of identifying, honing and defining their goals - no matter how big or audacious they are.

A bit of Everything?

In our Just-In-Time Program, we help participants narrow scope, apply laser-focus, gain insight and apply intention to moving forward toward their objectives, in whatever aspect of life or work they happen to be.

Not sure which program is right for your firm? We can help.


Southren Academy

Ideal for firms to offer to select groups of lawyers, or to the entire firm, group coaching is a great way to level-up your team's knowledge and skills with the added benefit of the support and accountability that comes from doing it together.
Built on our foundational Learning Series, our Know :: Be :: Do Program consists of a mix of both learning and activation around that learning - coaching. We focus on topics that are vital to professional excellence, including: The Neuroscience of Connection, Building Loyal
Relationships and Cultivating Influence. 
Throughout the program, we will support participants along a continuum of mastery
in applying these skills within their personal context.

Interested in learning more, or starting a
cohort inside your firm?


Strategic Planning

And because we know there are some very specific transitions that the lawyers within your firm may be navigating, we have created a selection of specialty programs that will get them through, in a supportive and dynamic group setting.

Interested in getting started?

Firm Support
Glass Buildings

Our Programs :: For Your Business

Looking for a strategic roadmap for success?
The most successful firms plan for their success, put resources against defining what success means, and spend their time being laser-focused on following the steps to get there. Our Strategic Planning Program will guide you in creating the roadmap and help you filter opportunities against your strategic vision for the future of your firm.


Starting a small or solo firm?

Successful firm start-ups hit the ground running with a solid business plan and the right infrastructure, people and resources in place from day one. Our Small Firm Start-Up Program will give you the tools you need to open your doors with someone to guide you through the thinking and planning it takes to be ready to engage your first clients. 

Need operations support?
Our bespoke 
Operations Management Support Services help you remove the barriers to success that your operations deficiencies may be providing. If managing the back-end of your firm, or handling administrative tasks are getting in the way of taking on new, or servicing existing clients, we can help. 

Need more information on our Firm Support Services?



"In the past, I’ve been frustrated by marketing advice that’s so vague it’s meaningless. Jane provided me with concrete, practical advice… she is a straight-talker and fun to work with!”

- Partner, 15+ years



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