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Strategic Planning Program

Successful enterprises plan for their success.

In our Strategic Planning Program, we take firms through the process of creating a comprehensive, actionable Strategic Plan. Not a plan that will sit in a drawer collecting dust, but a plan that will get them into action and moving forward toward their vision for success in specific, measurable ways.

We work with firms to distill what they need to know, who they need to be, and what they need to do to evolve themselves and their practices in line with their business goals and objectives.

Our clients use their strategic plans as the roadmap for their business going forward over the short-, mid- and longer-terms. Because they are created in a collaborative, facilitated way, over a series of sessions spanning over several months, with input from all levels of the firm, our plans get off the ground and stay moving forward, right from day one. They provide firms with living, breathing frameworks that they not only check in on consistently, but engage with, add to, update and test constantly. In short, our clients’ Strategic Plans work.

Program Goals:

  • Clearly define who you are, who you want to be based on your values and vision.

  • Set and commit to a future vision.

  • Create a roadmap to achieve your vision including objectives, initiatives, tasks and tools.

Program Elements:

  • Live + virtual workshops and small-group coaching sessions

  • Inter-session independent work

  • Tools + Resources to support the plan development Project management tools

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