The Team

Get to know the Southren Group team

We are a team of dedicated coaches, facilitators, entrepreneurs and consultants, and we each wear more than one of those hats, often at the same time.

Our diverse backgrounds in law, administration, communications, strategy, research, consulting and training gives us a unique perspective on the challenges our clients face every day - and the most effective solutions to get them to the next level. 

Living our firm values is our driving force. We strive for connectedness, contribution, collaboration, inspiration, growth and empowerment. All day, every day, with one another, and with everyone we work with.


We’re so glad you found us, and we can’t wait to meet you.


Jane Southren is our fearless leader, Founder+ and Principal Coach, to name just a few of the hats she wears as the head of the enterprise that proudly bears her name. To learn more about Jane and all of her Superpowers, including her ability to make Business Development 'fun' (no, we're not kidding), click the link to her bio.


Teresa Krupa is our Co-Founder and Director, Business + Operations. What that really means is that she is the heart and soul - and the air-traffic controller, maker of lists and checker of boxes - of the enterprise.
Read the full story of Teresa’s awesomeness by clicking the link to her bio.


Kelly Margani is our Director, Business Design + Strategy and ‘The Other Coach’ of the firm, and leads us in bringing our - and our clients’ - big ideas to life.  Read more about Kelly’s passion for process and commitment to excellence by clicking through to her bio.

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Christine Shimoda is our Director, Programs + Services, and oversees the creation of the coaching and training programs that support our clients through their development journey. To learn more about Christine, including her love of putting things - and ideas - into boxes,
click on the link to read her full bio.