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Individual Services

Giving you the skills you need 

Do you have the skills you need to build a better, stronger business, career and life?

We can help make sure you do.

Our clients tell us that they feel better prepared and more successful as they navigate their business realities, whatever those are, better than they ever could have without the work we’ve done together. They see themselves as faring better than their contemporaries, facing challenges with more resilience. They aren’t without struggle - but they are better equipped to deal with the struggle, and they just have a greater sense of wellbeing through it all. And that’s about the greatest thing we could ever hear.

So how do we do it? Several ways. Have a look and see where you fit.
If you aren’t sure, let us help. 


Our Programs


Wherever you are and wherever you want to be,
we look forward to joining you along the way.

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One-on-One Coaching

Our One-on-One Coaching Programs provide you with the insights, strategies, support and discipline you need to get to the next level - no matter where you’re starting - with someone by your side, guiding you along the way toward your goals.

Business Development challenges?
Our specialized Business Development Program will help you hone your BD competence and confidence, and deploy them successfully to build a business that is both successful and sustainable. 

Considering a Career Transition?
If you’re seeking a new role either inside or outside of your current firm or field, our Transitions Program will help you zero in on your next role, the perfect fit, one that maximizes your unique skills, interests and values. 

Feeling stuck and need to see some Results?
In our Results Program we will take you through the process of identifying, honing and defining your goals - no matter how big or audacious they are. 


Working on lots at once and not sure where to start?

In our Just-In-Time Program, we will help you narrow your scope in whatever area of your life or work you need the laser-focus, and help you gain insight and apply intention to moving forward toward your objectives, with the guidance and support of your coach by your side.

Not sure which program is right for you? We can help.


Strategic Planning

Creating the Roadmap for Business Success

Interested in learning more, or joining a Strategic Planning



"In the past, I’ve been frustrated by marketing advice that’s so vague it’s meaningless. Jane provided me with concrete, practical advice… she is a straight-talker and fun to work with!”

- Partner, 15+ years



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