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One-On-One Coaching

Get to the next level with your coach by your side.

In our highly-effective, personalized One-on-One Coaching Programs, our certified coaches take our clients through a series of sessions in support of business development growth, identifying and working toward specific results or the development of a strategic plan. And when just one focus isn’t enough, we offer a ‘just-in-time’ program that has the flexibility to tailor each session to an area of immediate need.

All of our coaching programs are delivered over 12 sessions within a twelve-month period, supported by several proprietary tools and supplementary resources that help our clients to progress toward their goals, setting them up for success in their post-coaching period.

Tools include:

  • DiSC Psychographic Assessment

  • Goal and objective setting frameworks

  • Pre-Session + In-Session Worksheets

  • 6-Video Productivity Coaching Series

  • The Art of Delegation video program

  • Monthly Activity Planner + Tracker

  • Self-Assessments + Progress Surveys

  • Quarterly Relationship + Network Building Planner

  • Personalized Social Media Calendar

  • 12-Month Goal Planner + Quarterly Action Plan

  • Personalized Sector Opportunities Spreadsheet

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